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The little doctor of Shoufu family

The little doctor of Shoufu family

The little doctor of Shoufu family

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    The little doctor of Shoufu family
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    Yu Yueshang
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    Air books
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2022-05-01 03:56:53
Su Qingqing dresses up as a failed little widow and binds the capture system to protect her life. what? The first task is to conquer the mother-in-law who resents her? It doesn't matter. As long as your mind turns fast enough, there's no wall you can't conquer No, it's just to earn money to support the family by relying on medical skills. Er, by the way, she supports her little brother-in-law to go to school. Her mother-in-law, who was originally unhappy with her, immediately treats her kindly with experience, the rich businessman's bear child, the imperial sister County Lord and the Lord Gao Leng... All of them can be solved easily, and they have also won the title of "little miracle doctor". It would be better if there were no brother-in-law who wanted to repay her kindness Lin Runqian, who has become the first assistant: "Qingqing, you can only repay your kindness by making a promise. Look..." Su Qingqing: "stop! You can be a cow or a horse. If you want to go whoring for nothing, there's no way."

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