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Lu Ye s little ancestor was sulking and rustling

Lu Ye s little ancestor was sulking and rustling

Lu Ye s little ancestor was sulking and rustling

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    Lu Ye s little ancestor was sulking and rustling
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    Long Novel
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2022-01-19 19:49:01
[female leader + double favorite + shuangwen] the daughter abducted by the Qin family since childhood has been found but my father doesn't care, my mother doesn't love, and the whole family dislikes it biological mother: Yao Yao is a younger sister. Please let her know more cheap Dad: Although you are your own, Yaoyao has a deeper relationship with us brother Xiaocao: I only recognize Yaoyao as a sister * Qin Yan, the invisible boss, said that she just wanted to be an ordinary person with simple and quiet years however, the ideal is beautiful, but there are always dregs to challenge black powder: beautiful and brainless, a vase the next day, someone burst out Qin Yan's full score test paper for the whole subject for one week black powder: she only reads dead books, and no one makes friends with her the next day, at a high-level dinner party, a group of super bosses who were unqualified for kneeling and licking were photographed lining up to pay attention to Qin Yan black powder: Oh, social flower this has poked the hornet's nest, and leaders in various fields have hit the face on microblog technology boss: This is my boss. You can donate your eyes if you don't need them Medical bigwig: chewing my uncle's tongue? Cut your tongue business leaders: dare to spread rumors about my boss? All out black powder: the dregs waiting to see the earth steamed stuffed bun make jokes in the rich family: it's agreed that the poor hillbilly villagers have no right, no power, weakness and deception * Lu Shihan, the leader of celebrities in Ningcheng, is handsome, arrogant, noble, cold and gorgeous. He is famous for his pure heart and few desires one day, Lu Shihan posted a microblog Lu Shihan: @ Qin Yan, what gift does the little ancestor want when he returns home tomorrow people: what's the situation? Lu Shihan was stolen?!