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Travel the world from chat group

Travel the world from chat group

Travel the world from chat group

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    Travel the world from chat group
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    Light flying Catchwords
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    Wind Book
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2021-12-31 23:57:59
Douluo has changed the spirit for millions of years and covered the sky for 100000 years traveling to the West for thousands of years is the fruit of enlightenment, and it is honored for its immeasurable plunder after thousands of years of cultivation, no one knows, and once he becomes a guest of honor the emperor of the wasteland, who was arbitrary for thousands of years, threw a corner of the ancient Luoshui body into chaos cover the heavenly leaf fairy with one hand and set foot on the road of becoming a fairy side by side the strong have been lonely since ancient times, and there are no peers in ancient and modern times when a modern solitary girl enters the Douluo, all the worlds in the sky float away alone once you embark on the path of cultivation, raise your sword and fight with ghosts and gods.

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