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The reborn father chased my wife to farm

The reborn father chased my wife to farm

The reborn father chased my wife to farm

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    The reborn father chased my wife to farm
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    Schizonepeta tenuifolia red peony
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    Free Novel!
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2021-11-28 11:43:55
In her last life, she and her mother were killed by a suicide note from slag dad, and no one took the body when you come back from rebirth, first steal the forged IOU, and then take your mother to fight against the scum uncle. You don't go back to grandma's house isn't it fragrant to make money with the interstellar pastoral system, including raising chickens and ducks on the hillside, fish and pearls in the reservoir, and starting a farmhouse... planting fruit trees, medicinal materials and precious timber on the hillside... buying houses, buildings and land... getting rich and preparing for College wait, my mother brought a man to remarry why does this rich little father feel like he's met somewhere... How can you be reborn I disagree with this marriage want to corrupt me with money sorry, I have more money than you!

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