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Mr. Gu, don t cross the line

Mr. Gu, don t cross the line

Mr. Gu, don t cross the line

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    Mr. Gu, don t cross the line
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    Jiang Qingbai
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    Lava Novel
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2021-12-06 07:12:46
The supremacy of the noble man vs the cute woman with a vest on the ground Gu Chi said, "Miss LAN, if you are my girlfriend, I will agree to your terms!" LAN Shengge said, "yes, add 10% profit! Gu Chi smiled at the woman who asked for too much money and said," Miss LAN is so confident! " LAN Shengge also smiled: "Mr. Gu has my girlfriend and only makes money without losing money!" "the contract is only three months, and we will break up after three months!" Gu Chi said. three months later... "didn't we break up?" Lan Shengge looked puzzled. Gu Chi said, "yes, the love period is over, it's time to get married..." LAN Shengge said: "President Gu, there are too many rotten peach blossoms. I don't want to help you clean up!" since then, all the dogs around Gu Chi are male... women are strong, men are strong, and both are clean!!! Welcome to the pit ~