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Mr. Xiao s palm is delicate

Mr. Xiao s palm is delicate

Mr. Xiao s palm is delicate

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    Mr. Xiao s palm is delicate
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    The One Book
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2021-12-05 19:31:37
That summer, she cut her beard with a smile and told others: "that boy, you grow up in my aesthetics, you'd better be my boyfriend." from then on, the girl with ulterior motives broke into his senior career she is proud and charming every encounter is always just right and unique "ah, how did you hurt your hand? If you don't deal with it in time, you will get tetanus!" Xiao Jue looked at the wound that was about to grow and disappeared under the band aid silently, and she felt every finger that he wasn't hurt. She looked like a fishy cat he looked at the girl with his lips hooked: "you know, a forced twist is not sweet." she said: "how do you know if it's sweet if you don't twist it down?" "Xiao Jue, there's something in your hair. Bend down and I'll take it off for you." the next second, a sudden kiss fell on the top of your eyebrows... meet again she is still bright and bright with outstanding temperament he honed his early success, calm and wise he said, "I've been planning for you for a long time." she stared in surprise: "you're a cow pressing your head without drinking water!" he raised his eyebrow: "I don't press it, but I'm the only bowl for drinking water." she glanced at him: "I'll only drink Dongpeng special drink from now on!" he said: "don't even think about it!" - one day, the reporter interviewed "Mr. Xiao, what are your criteria for choosing a mate?" "beautiful." "what's more specific?" the man raised his eyes and pointed to a corner off the court: "that's it!" a girl had a black line on her face.

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