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After I was retired, I became the daughter of the marquis

After I was retired, I became the daughter of the marquis

After I was retired, I became the daughter of the marquis

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    After I was retired, I became the daughter of the marquis
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    May pomelo
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Qiao jinniang and her parents died in order to inherit the restaurant, we have to recruit a husband who knows that the husband who looks like a relegated immortal is a white eyed wolf. He robbed her child and left a divorce letter Qiao jinniang became a joke in Lin'an City. Seeing that her uncle was going to rob her father and mother, the magistrate's son wanted to take her as a concubine in Chang'an City, a carriage from the Marquis came. Mammy in brocade came up to her and called for the eldest lady Qiao jinniang knew that she was the first lady of Anyuan Hou's house. When Hou's husband was living with her, he met a robber. Because his concubine was jealous, she changed her and the cook's daughter when the merchant cook who had been suspended from childbirth came to Beijing, everyone was waiting to see the real golden joke secretly estimated when the real daughter was abandoned by the marquis but what they didn't expect was that Qiao jinniang opened a restaurant in Chang'an with her first-hand cooking skills. Even her majesty praised her and was spoiled into Jiao Jiao in the Hou house the gossip woman in Chang'an city was sour and said, "how can a woman be spoiled at home? She has given birth to children over the age of 18. How can she get married?" the Hou house also found many husbands for Qiao jinniang. The marriage that was clearly negotiated has been difficult many times Mrs. Hou washed her face with tears. Fake Qianjin said she would give her husband to Qiao jinniang Qiao jinniang took a rolling pin and kicked open the gate of the East Palace: "since you have divorced me, why do you have to do something about my marriage." a prince: "how can you let the emperor's grandson's mother marry others!" ... being a burden is the time for the prince to lose his memory there is a misunderstanding in the divorce chasing a wife is a crematorium true and false gold will not be torn. The female Lord returns to Chang'an and Hou is spoiled.

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