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I m a matchmaker in Douluo

I m a matchmaker in Douluo

I m a matchmaker in Douluo

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    I m a matchmaker in Douluo
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    Bai yingxiao song
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    Bestair novel
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2022-01-13 22:17:32
Qi Ranran, a vigorous and lovely female high school student, is quite obsessed with game animation. In an accident, she unfortunately fell into the valley and her whereabouts were unknown but she did not die, but came to another world, a world belonging to Wu soul, called Douluo continent. There is no magic, no fighting spirit, no martial arts, but there is a magical martial spirit. Each... Qi Ranran: "I said stop! You didn't get the point at all, okay? Why are there so many handsome men and beautiful women here? It's so easy to knock! Wuhu! " she doesn't seem to be interested in cultivation. She just wants to see handsome men and beautiful women fall in love. But even so, her strength as a soul master doesn't seem to lag behind her peers. It's really enviable. " ran, your CP seems awkward! "" no! Look at me turning into a professional matchmaker and connecting bridges. I can't dismantle my CP! "

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