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Ten mile red makeup plan

Ten mile red makeup plan

Ten mile red makeup plan

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    Ten mile red makeup plan
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    Boiled red beans with ginger wine
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    Clean book
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2022-06-23 04:06:10
In order to marry Jiang Yuchang's Princess Si Mo, Xie Mancheng spent ten years chasing after the world, taking rivers and mountains as employees, laying red makeup for ten miles, and finally holding the beauty back when Xie Mancheng said this, he only got Si Mogui's big white eyes: "how can I remember that I married you when I was 19? Didn't I meet you when I was 13?" the implication is that someone obviously took six years to hold the beauty back. Where did the remaining four years come from Xie Mancheng smiled without saying anything only on the day when she became emperor, she gave Si Mo an amazing marriage, which was admired by all women it turned out that his words should have been established at the beginning of the new dynasty Xie Mancheng: "if you don't wear red makeup for ten miles and don't take the world as your employment, why do you deserve you?"

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