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Jiang Men comes out of Guijiao

Jiang Men comes out of Guijiao

Jiang Men comes out of Guijiao

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    Jiang Men comes out of Guijiao
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    Xi Hanqing
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    Garden Novel
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2022-09-05 02:35:17
A little general who has been laughed at for more than ten years and doesn't move his nest in the position of Jiupin halberd leader. The Jiang family, whose ancestors are not obvious and their descendants are not good, has a legitimate son and two sons who study literature and martial arts, but Wen is not against the legitimate eldest daughter of the Jiang family. Martial arts can't be compared with the legitimate third daughter, and art is not as good as the legitimate second daughter but the old master and Lady of the yuan family have the idea to shine on the lintel. Who do you rely on two kids of the Jiang family one day, after Jiang San stabbed the hornet's nest, once someone came across, some incredible and unusual things happened one after another.

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