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The original Menglan ancient meaning exists

The original Menglan ancient meaning exists

The original Menglan ancient meaning exists

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    The original Menglan ancient meaning exists
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    Zinc oxide
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    Sky Book
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2022-06-28 14:04:51
(fake fast wear, 1V1 double clean, power, campus and a little bit of terror, a little bit of reasoning) Wutong has a hidden for fifteen years, even Cheng Shan did not tell the secret, that is, she also has the ability. When br> was eight, Wutong parents died, leaving her a lot of property and a villa. Br > when she was eight years old, she began to live alone. Her feelings were weak. When her parents died, she didn't cry or understand the sympathetic eyes of her neighbors after their death later, she understood that she tried to disguise herself as an ordinary person, but she didn't expect to be seen by that person at a glance since she caught the first "spirit", she has been in constant trouble. The children in the villa, the landlady of the grocery store, and even the gangsters on the street... and she also found a truth that can subvert the world... "God" didn't expect to put a layer of shackles on the capable, but trapped himself... (good form 2)

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