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Learn from God, you have the wrong object

Learn from God, you have the wrong object

Learn from God, you have the wrong object

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    Learn from God, you have the wrong object
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2022-09-17 14:56:10
[reborn ruffian Shuai and learn God] vs [wear books and calm soft sister] one sentence introduction: since Gao lianbai, a proud sophomore in senior high school, came back from the hospital, Jiang Ling began to sprinkle dog food with the big guys crazily Jiang Ling dressed as a female partner in the campus sweet article whose plot collapsed, and her task is to help the male and female leaders achieve a perfect ending however, on the first day of wearing the book, she beat the villain who bullied the female leader at the gate of the affiliated high school, robbed the male hero of the scene of saving the United States, and mistook the male leader for a villain Jiang Ling: the plot can't be repaired. She can't live calm down and tell the story online after rebirth, Jiang looked calmly at Jiang Ling's pile of operations as fierce as a tiger segment 1: JIANG Shijing watched the vicious girl in his previous life write love letters to other girls in his name, so he blocked people on the wall, "I like others so much?" segment 2: JIANG Linggou went to the day of the 100 day oath meeting at the grand finale JIANG Shijing as the speaker: Jiang Ling, in fact, I don't want to go to college Jiang Ling:?

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