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Chu tomb town

Chu tomb town

Chu tomb town

Rating: 9 / 10 from 41173 ratings
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    Chu tomb town
  • Author:

    Wang Jingtong
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    Lava Novel
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In the past ten years, the most puzzling thing in Chu tomb town is Fang Ci and Lei Mei's suicide no matter what others say, no matter how many times her parents tell her, she doesn't believe it. They commit suicide with suspicion, she was entrusted by her parents to her childhood partner and asked him to take her away from Chumu town. She followed him to the long-distance bus station, but inexplicably disappeared at the bus station. For six years, every time he came back, he inquired about her, but there was no news, life or death he came to Chu tomb town with his father's last wish. He just wanted to find the people and things he was looking for early, and then take them away. On the contrary, there is no trace of the person you are looking for, and there is no clue of what you are looking for when he was sad, he was almost kidnapped when he went out alone... At this time, the evil forces hidden in the town showed up in front of them...

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