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Eschatological crisis to Xiuxian

Eschatological crisis to Xiuxian

You Mo'er Yu Youran had a dream about the coming of the end of the world and people's crisis. Finally, the world fell into crisis. After waking up, Yu Youran obtained the system and began to store materials after going through ups and downs in the last world, they came to the mysterious world of cultivating immortals. Explorers met again with the mysterious city of Mexico in the world of cultivating immortals "Ran'er, come back with me" look at someone's shameless expression, "no need" [men and women are strong in this article]
A peach demon

A peach demon

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The daughter of fast wear asked me to save her

The daughter of fast wear asked me to save her

A flamboyant dog Zheng anqiao, who was sad and hurried, suddenly became a vegetable at the place where he was on vacation. Trapped in nothingness, he just couldn't wake up. Under the angry complaints, he unexpectedly fell into the sky system. He was unwilling to refuse. However, there were too many temptations. He happily agreed to the task, "I accept! I accept!"
An Zhimeng Yao

An Zhimeng Yao

Zhugongzi forest A dream in Anyang opened a new world. It turned out that he had a new identity in his dream. It turned out that everything was not what he wanted. Who the hell is he. Where the hell is he.

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